White Paper

  • Mudgal, S., Milla, D., & Schrader, G.W. (2016). Technologies for processing value-added berry fruit products [white paper]. Retrieved September 7, 2016, from JBT Corporation:

Newspaper Publications

Journal Publications

  • Mudgal, S., Keresztes, I., Feigenson, G. W., & Rizvi, S. S. H. (2015). Controlling the taste receptor accessible structure of Rebaudioside A via binding to bovine serum albumin. Food Chemistry. doi:10.1016/j.foodchem.2015.10.064
  • Mudgal, S., Ran‐Ressler, R. R., Liu, L., Brenna, J. T., & Rizvi, S. S. H (2015). Branched chain fatty acids concentrate prepared from butter oil via urea adduction. European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology. doi: 10.1002/ejlt.201500110

Conference Paper Publications

Poster Publications

  • Mudgal, S., Murugesh, C.S., Rao, L.J.M., & Subramanian, R. Optimizing yield and quality of green tea extract. Indian Convention of Food Scientists & Technologists (ICFoST 2012). Mysore, Karnataka, India, December 6-7. [ICFoST_Poster]

  • Mudgal, S., Ran‐Ressler, R. R., Brenna, J. T., & Rizvi, S. S. H. Preparation of a branched chain fatty acid enriched fraction from butter oil.  Cornell-Kyoto University Joint Symposium on Bioactive Food Components (2013). Ithaca, NY, USA, March 5. [BCFA Poster]