Sam’s Journey

Food Engineer

(Global Science & Technology Group – Lakeland, FL, USA)

  • Support the exploratory R&D of alternative pasteurization technologies
  • Establish the quality parameters associated with non-citrus fruit & vegetable processing

Master of Science

(Department of Food Science – Ithaca, NY, USA)

  • Cornell University Graduate Research Assistantship
    1. Proposed a hypothesis of inducing modifications in the accessible structure of Rebaudioside A to alter its taste attributes; Successfully reduced the bitterness of stevia
    2. Study the underlying chemical principles of a new flash freezing process for producing instantaneous ice cream
  • Cornell University Graduate Teaching Assistantship
    1. Conducted weekly recitation section and office hours for a class of 43 undergraduates
    2. Prepared weekly problem set for the course and graded exams and quizzes

Research Internship

(Central Food Technological Research Institute, Govt. of India)

  • Employed response surface methodology to optimize extraction parameters for improving yield of green tea catechins and L-theanine
  • Evaluated the total polyphenols content via spectrophotometric assay and catechins content via liquid chromatography

Bachelor of Technology

(Institute of National Importance, Govt. of India)

  • Qualified All India Engineering Entrance Examination (Among top 3% of all applicants)
  • Graduated with a bachelor’s in bio-process engineering (GPA: 7.14 out of 10.0)
  • Completed a thesis on “Modeling and Optimization of extraction process of Algae Oil used in production of Biodiesel”