Feigenson Mudgal Intern 2016 — Kishan Lal Soni



Born and raised in the Palana village of Bikaner district (Rajasthan, India), Kishan has always been intrigued by science and laws of nature. Growing up in a typical middle class Indian family was not short of challenges; however, a top notch education is what Kishan’s parents have always wanted for him. Kishan completed his middle and high school education locally and competed with over a million high school graduates in Joint Entrance Examination (JEE-Main) to secure a position as an undergraduate in the Dept. of Biotechnology in one of India’s premier engineering school (National Institute of Technology Warangal).

During the 3rd and 4th semesters of his undergraduate studies Kishan was introduced to molecular biology, genetics, immunology and medical bio-technology subjects which greatly piqued his curiosity and encouraged him to learn basic biotechnology techniques including extraction of the DNA/RNA, cell transformation and cloning. “I’ve wanted to study more about Cancer and AIDS and their pathways and ultimately figure out inexpensive ways of curing the disease” says Kishan.


p.s.GUV protein merge

Microscopic images of the phase separated GUVs made by Kishan at Feigenson Lab.


As a Feigenson Mudgal Intern, Kishan prepared giant unilamellar vesicles (GUVs) which can be used to mimic the metabolism of the cancer cells. “My goal was to prepare GUV’s and to analyze the protein binding to their plasma membrane.” says Kishan. He believes that at Cornell he got a wonderful opportunity to work with a community that is passionate about science. Kishan is also pleased to work with Prof. Feigenson and his lab members. “I worked hard to prepare a GUV and I am truly proud of this accomplishment, however, it wouldn’t have been possible without the special care I got from Prof. Jerry. I am impressed with the willingness of Prof. Jerry and his lab assistants to devote extra time and energy just to make me feel at home.” Kishan is equally excited to experience the cascading waterfalls, scenic gorges and diverse demographics of Ithaca. “Overall, I feel fortunate to be given this opportunity and I can see myself inching towards my dream.”